Metal or mariachi? Metalachi offers best of both music worlds

Decked out in skin-tight leopard print spandex, his eyelids smeared with black make-up, singer Vega de la Rockha roars into a sea of raised “devil horn” hand gestures – the appreciation symbol of heavy metal music. Reuters: Entertainment News

MTV to honor Aretha Franklin at Monday’s Video Music Awards

MTV will celebrate soul legend Aretha Franklin at Monday’s Video Music Awards ceremony, the network said on Thursday as tributes flowed in from around the world and U.S. television channels scheduled special broadcasts. Reuters: Entertainment News

Singer James Arthur urges more mental health support in music

LONDON (Reuters) – More support should be given to music artists dealing with mental health problems and singers, DJs and musicians should talk more openly about their concerns, British singer-songwriter James Arthur has said. Reuters: Entertainment News

Independent record labels get boost from streaming music services

(Reuters) – For decades, independent record labels have dreamed that if only they had the massive budgets to get their artists in front of music fans, the fans would love the music – and maybe even choose it over offerings from major record labels. Reuters: Entertainment News

R. Kelly’s music removed from Spotify playlists

(Reuters) – American R&B singer R. Kelly’s music was removed from playlists and recommendations on Spotify, the streaming service said on Thursday, following a campaign to boycott the singer who has been accused of sexual misconduct. Reuters: Entertainment News

Spotify removes R. Kelly’s music from its playlists

(Reuters) – Spotify Technologies SA said on Thursday it is removing rhythm and blues singer R. Kelly’s music from its playlists and algorithmic recommendations, reflecting its new policy on hate content and hateful conduct. Reuters: Entertainment News

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